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(Static) ParaPod - Paranormal Electronics ltd

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(Static) ParaPod

Product details


ParaPod (Static)

Here is our brand new product in our range of Parapods that we are developing.

Made exclusively by Paranormal ElectronicsLtd they have been engineered to the highest standard and are in our opinion the best affordable static pod on the market which will make a great addition to your ghost hunting equipment case.


      Pod's Main Features:

  • Removable telescopic ariel antenna 

The removable ariel antenna makes the pod easier to store

  • Light weight 

This is very light as the pod including battery weight only 47 grams (average)

  • Low energy consumption

Powered by a single CR2032 battery it is only using energy when activated, so can last you many months of investigating from a single battery that is provided

  • Pocket size

With the Pod only measuring 6.5cm wide 2.5cm tall not only are they great for storage but they are easy to carry around the location you are investigating

Please note this is not a touch sensor, this is activated when static is detected around the removable antenna

    Product reviews

    2 reviews

    Daniel @ 13th Floor Investigations

    For the price this is a great little addition to any ghost hunters kit, we have used it on every investigation since we bought it and have had some results so thanks

    Jonathon Jacques

    Never heard of these but tried them and was awesome