Para-Beacon (360 Degree Motion) - Paranormal Electronics ltd

Para-Beacon (360 Degree Motion) - Paranormal Electronics ltd

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Para-Beacon (360 Degree Motion)

Product details


Welcome To our Paranormal Electronics Ltd exclusive range Para-Beacon range

The Para-Beacon range is a brand new range designed and manufactured exclusively by ourselves to give a range of different sensor types within the same design.

The sensor itself is printed on our very own 3D printers and is taking the step towards the next generation of innovations within the Ghost Hunting Equipment field. Each sensor will detect different changes whether you are wishing to detect Temperature fluctuations, Vibration, Touch (REM), sound/Audio or movement then this range is definitely the best you can purchase.

The Design

  As all our manufactured products we make them very robust because we understand that not everyone can be delicate with equipment especially during the journeys to and from a location, we test all items to destruction so all our designs can cope with all the usual knocks and bangs that equipment goes through.


The Main function of each sensor is to show an activation with both light and sound, each Para-Beacon with have super bright lights illuminated on activation with a buzzer sound to bring your attention to the activation. 


Most of our products are powered by internal battery packs and these are no exception, With the internal battery you will only need to charge this up with the micro usb cable provided. On a full charge with constant use the battery will last at least 2-3 months without needing a charge

360 Degree Motion

The 360 degree motion Para-Beacon has both a full detection field. 

What does it do?

full-activation-clean.pngMovement from all around the sensor

Our 360 Degree motion sensor movement is detected from any direction, The section of the Para-beacon will light up to show exactly what direction the movement was detected and will also activate a loud buzzer to alert you to the activation.

The sensors on the device will also track the movement so multiple sections can activate if the source of the activation moves around the sensor

Main Features

  • 6 PIR sensors for full 360 Degree detection area
  • Light Weight (300g)
  • Bright Colours
  • Exclusive Design
  • Durable Design
  • Loud Buzzers
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery Pack 
    • Long Battery Life
    • Suitable for All Weather

    Product reviews

    1 review

    Jim Houston

    Fantastic bit of equipment solidly constructed reacts brilliantly, lights are bright and solid, looking forward to using it.