K2 EMF Detector

Perhaps the most recognised EMF Detector in the paranormal field. 

Detecting between 0 and 20+ milligause reading which is indicated by the green to red lights it's a clear way to see the change in the environment. 

 We can supply in either black or grey colours.

Powered by 9v battery (included)


  • Easy-to-read multi-segment LED display.
  • The EMF Meter Range for Ghost Hunting helps measure the electromagnetic fields to identify appliances that produce high-level emissions, allowing users to make informed decisions about limiting exposure.
  • The detectors have been associated with locations, where unexplained phenomena have been reported like alleged haunting.
  • The Ghost Hunting Detector operates on a single battery, and reports EMF measurements in five milliGauss ranges.
  • Measure wide spectrum of EMFs from 50 Hz up to 20,000 Hz, and it can register a cell phone that is within 2 feet.
  • Measure EMF level protect from potentially harmful long term overexposure to EMFs.
  • Convenient push-on/push-off operation; Portable, easy to use, rugged, reliable, super responsive with easy to read LED light scale in dark and sunshine.


The Five Scales:

The 1st Light detects a Normal EMF field, what is always around us.The range is between 0 to 1.5 mG

The 2nd Light (GREEN) detects a Low Level EMF,which range is between 1.5 to 2.5 mG

The 3rd Light (YELLOW) detects a Mid Level EMF in the range between 2.5 to 10 mG

The 4th Light (ORANGE) detects a High Level EMF field in the range between 10 to 20 mG

The 5th Light (RED) detects an Extremely High EMF Range of 20+ mG

Customer reviews

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Customer reviews

John (Spookspys Paranormal research Team)

My partner bought me a Rempod /emf meter and an SLS camera for Christmas and told me that delivery was fast and ordering was easy. I'm very pleased with my two item's and I did shop about at first but so glad I came to these knowledgeable guys and fab prices. Excellent friendly after care support & always on hand via facebook messenger to assist with any issues. Visit these guys before going anywhere else . I will be buying again for sure in the near future. Spookspys Paranormal research Team.

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