Supporting Charities

Here at Paranormal Electronics Ltd and like everyone around the world, we have either directly or indirectly had our lives affected by cancer.

Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 which like everyone who has ever had this kind of diagnosis was absolutely devestated . Everyone has the worst thoughts at the front of their mind,  which was no exception for Emma. 

After the diagnosis, the long treatment road started with a mastectomy (removal of the effected breast), extreme chemotherapy and radiotherapy with the last of the treatments coming in December 2019. 

Emma has since been cleared of breast cancer and has organised many fund raisers to help others going through the fight as well as helping towards the ultimate goal that a cancer diagnoses will one day have an even bigger survival rate.

Our Choosen Charity for this month is Cancer Reasearch UK

Cancer Research UK helps fight all known cancers and has helped bring the survival rate up on over 60% off all known cancers.

Although named Cancer Research UK they share all their research with every recognised cancer research organisation around the world.

To find out more about what they do please visit these links below.

Totals we have raised for charities so far (month by month)