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SLS Kinect Mapping Camera with 10" Tablet V1: $239.35 SLS Kinect Mapping Camera with 10" Tablet V2: $321.42 RemPod: $95.75 RemBear: $102.59 Night Vision Camcorder: $68.32 Para-Coffin: $63.82 Full Spectrum Action Camera: $61.55 Thermal Imaging Camera: $252.97 Wireless CCTV System without harddrive: $218.85 Patrick Bateman Canvas Print: $27.34 Zoom Recorder (Blue or Black): $157.30 Zoom Recorder (Red or White): $184.65 K2 EMF Meter: $47.87 Multimeter: $34.20 Laser Grid Pen: $27.36 Plasma Disc Sensor: $27.36 Infinity Speaker: $41.03 PIR Alert Alarm: $20.52 IR Camera Holder: $61.55 Walkie Talkies: $68.39 ParaTunes: $95.73 Haunted Doll: $68.39 basic voice Recorder: $27.36 Ultra sensitive voice Recorder: $41.03 Branded Voice Recorder: $54.71 4 tier Storage Box: $95.75 Notepad and Pen: $20.52 Trip sensor: $34.20 SLS Kinect Mapping Camera with 8" Tablet V1: $212.00 SLS Kinect Mapping Camera with 8" Tablet V2: $287.17 SLS V1 and V2 Equipmet Storage/Carry Case: $82.07 ParaPod (Static): $27.36 Full spectrum action camera accessories (52 in 1): $27.36 Ovilus (Para): $512.93 Para-Beacon 360: $82.00 Para-Beacon V&T: $82.00 Para-Beacon REM: $82.00


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