As Seen On TV

We have been a proud to have our equipment feature in Ghost Hunting TV shows such as Real Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Lockdown UK as well as a host of other amazing shows on Amazon, Youtube and Netflix. Here is a selection of equipment that we stock that has been seen on TV or youtube being used by investigators.

15  Products

(Static) ParaPod

****BRAND NEW PRODUCT****ParaPod (Static)Here is our brand new product in our range of Parapods that we are developing.Made exclusively by Paranormal ...
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(Static) ParaPod x 6

****BRAND NEW PRODUCT****ParaPod (Static) x 6Here is our brand new product in our range of Parapods that we are developing.Made exclusively by Paranor...
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Branded Voice Recorder

The Sony voice recorder has been on multiple paranormal programs on TV platforms. Perfect for playback quality on film and to have a well known brand ...
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Centex EDI+ Multi Meter

Paranormal Electronics Ltd is proud to offer the EDI+ made by CENTEX PARANORMAL .The EDI Plus is the perfect ghost hunting kit built into one device. ...
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K2 EMF Detector (Genuine)

Perhaps the most recognised EMF Detector in the paranormal field. Detecting between 0 and 20+ milligause reading which is indicated by the green to re...
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Multi Meter

This multi meter not only measures EMF but also measures temperature and static energy.This is more accurate than the K2 as it has a digital display t...
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